Our commitment with integrity,
fairness and a healthy work

Integrity and honesty are the basic building blocks that PROSHALE LLC, UNIVERSAL COMPLETIONS LLC (and its affiliated companies) are constructed upon and are values that define our company as a whole. Harassment, discrimination and business abuse are contrary to these values. They are divisive, counterproductive and illegal. Accordingly, harassment, discrimination, and business abuse have no place at PROSHALE LLC or any of its related companies. We will not allow these things to affect our business and the lives of those who are part of our team. To further address these concerns, PROSHALE LLC has introduced a confidential business abuse online form to provide a mean to anonymously report unethical or illegal activity that could damage our company.

No matter your role in the organization, attributes like integrity, creativity, and respect are what make our company successful. When we face difficult decisions during the course of our work, we make integrity our highest priority and demand the same from those around us. We do not sacrifice honesty, fairness, or respect in pursuit of profits.

PROSHALE´s senior management team, and I are committed to our Company’s core values. We expect that same commitment from you to the values that have defined PROSHALE since the founding of the Company – integrity, safety, collaboration, competition, creativity, reliability, and respect.

Christian Cerne
President & Chief Executive Officer

Code of business conduct

The Code of Business Conduct serves as the primary means by which our organization communicates its commitment to the ethical and legal conduct of our employees as well as to our various stakeholders. The Code of Business Conduct is intended to provide an effective and comprehensive guidepost regarding the Company's expectation for ethical behavior.

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Business abuse online form

Whether you are a PROSHALE LLC or any of its affiliated companies employee, customer, or member of the general public, you may use our business abuse online form to report violations of the law or the Code of Business Conduct. Although you may choose to remain anonymous, we recommend that you provide an email address (which may be anonymous) where you may be contacted for follow-up purposes.

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